Beginning Sunday, December 3, we will meet for worship at 11:15 AM at the Rambach Church (Kirchweg 1, 65207 Wiesbaden).

We look forward to worshipping with you at our new time and location!

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Kirchweg 1, 65207 Wiesbaden


A Different Kind of People

November 5, 2023 Speaker: Philip Gelston Series: Exodus

Passage: Exodus 22:18– 23:19

Sermon:     A Different Kind of People       Exodus 21:1-22:17

I.  Three Capital Offenses  (22:18-20)


II.  The Treatment of the Vulnerable  (22:21-27)


III.  Laws Regarding Relationship to God  (22:28-31)


IV.  Matters of Truth & Justice  (23:1-9)


V.  The Fourth Commandment Applied  (23:10-12)


VI.  The Three Feasts  (23:14-19)



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