Committed to Christ and His Word!

Worship Sundays at 11:15 am - Kirchweg 1, 65207 Wiesbaden



Give to the "300" campaign by selecting the "Wiesbaden-Building Fund" here or give in euros to the Commerzbank account below.

Giving Regular Tithes and Offerings:
  1. Give US Dollars Without Fees Online HERE. From the dropdown menu select "Phil Gelston- Christ Church of Wiesbaden"
  2. German Konto: COMMERZBANK - BLZ: 510 400 38 - Konto Nr.: 71979 2400                    BIC: COBADEFFXXX    IBAN: DE35 5104 0038 0719 7924 00
  3. Give in Worship: Cash, Checks, Dollars or Euros.
  4. Electronic or Paper Check: Payable to “Christ Church of Wiesbaden”. Address to P.O. Box 4247, Montgomery, AL 36103-4247


DougGertiePhilNoraSteveWe are supported by...

  • CCW Attenders and Members who are committed to this ministry as their home church.
  • Churches and Individuals who give to our church as a missions endeavor.
  • Mininstry to the Military and Internationals who assisted greatly in launching CCW. Pictured are Gertie & Doug Hudson, Nora & Phil, Steve Zachary.