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That They May Know I Am the LORD

June 18, 2023 Speaker: Charles Steitler Series: Exodus

Passage: Exodus 7:8– 9:12

Sermon:    That They May Know I Am the LORD        Exodus 7:8-9:12

I.  An Initial Demonstration of Power  (7:8–13)

II.  1st Cycle of Plagues

     A.  1st Plague: Water Turned to blood  (7:9–25)

     B.  2nd Plague: Frogs  (8:1–15)

     C.  3rd Plague: Gnats  (8:16–19)

III.  2nd Cycle of Plagues

     A.  5th Plague: Flies  (8:20–32)

     B.  6th Plague: Death of Livestock  (9:1–7)

     C.  7th Plague: Flies  (9:8–12)

IV.  A Few Applications



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