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The Birth of World Missions

June 2, 2024 Speaker: Philip Gelston Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 11:1–18

Sermon:                The Birth of World Missions                  Acts 11:1-18

I.  That’s Going to be an Issue Moving Forward  (11:1-3)


II.  Removing Peter’s Ethnic Pride  (11:4-18)

The sense of ethnic separation and even ethnic superiority that Peter had was so great that, as John Stott says, it took fourhammer blows to beat it out of him.

The first hammer blow was Peter’s vision  (7-10)

The second hammer blow was the command to make no distinction  (11-12)

The third hammer blow was the preparation of Cornelius  (13-14)

The final hammer blow was God’s action of giving the Holy Spirit  (15-17)