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Kirchweg 1, 65207 Wiesbaden


Father vs. Pharaoh (text only)

June 4, 2023 Speaker: Philip Gelston Series: Exodus

Passage: Exodus 4:18– 5:23

Sermon:                     Father vs. Pharoah               Exodus 4:18-5:23

I. Family Concerns  (4:18-31)


  A. Moses and His Father-in-Law Jethro  (18-20)


  B.  Israel is God’s Firstborn Son  (21-23)


  C. Moses Neglects His Fatherly Duties  (24-26)


  D. Moses Meets His Brother and Gathers the Elders  (27-31)


II. Pharoah’s Resistance  (5:1-23)





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